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Anxiety and Stress Management

Anxiety and Stress Management- Kyle Kellermeyer, MA, LCPC


  • Changes affecting nearly every system of the body, influencing how people feel and behave

Job Stress

  • the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury 

Stress in the workplace

  • Powerlessness
  • Job description
  • Workplace Trauma
  • Work Setting
  • Imposter syndrome- Sensation that one gets when they hold beliefs that they are not qualified for the position they hold

Covid and stress

Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Anger, fear, sadness
  • Decreased energy or motivation
  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Decreases in mental and physical health
  • Abnormal substance usage



Engage in positive practices

  • Exercising 
    • Aim for at least 30 minutes of increased heart rate
    • Engage in these activities at least 3 times per week
    • Benefits: increase body image, increased endorphin levels, coping skill
  • Eating healthy balanced meals
    • Aim for each meal to consist of: fats (25%), carbohydrates (40%), and protein (35%)
    • Eat 3-5 meals per day
    • Benefits: increased positive mood, better sleep, increase body image, increase overall physical health
  • Breathing
    • Inhale through the nose for at least 5 seconds at a slow controlled pace
    • Hold the inhaled breath for 2-4 seconds
    • Slowly exhale through the mouth for 5 seconds (like blowing through a straw)
    • Aim to complete 10-12 continuous repetitions every hour

Social engagement

  • Make plans to do tasks you enjoy with people who do not cause you stress

Take breaks

  • Utilize 5-10 minutes breaks to provide yourself with a mental and physical relief

Create lists

  • Utilizing lists can assist in decluttering our minds and reducing stress 
  • Either pen and paper, or creating a virtual list work
  • Record everything that is on your mind; then categorize these items by priority or in which the time they need to be completed
  • Be sure to check off the tasks that were completed during the day as this will provide an additional sense of accomplishment


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