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Grief Help for Parents

The Center for Complicated Grief- Helpful Resources at https://complicatedgrief.columbia.edu/for-the-public/resources-2/

What is Grief?

Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. While we never compare losses, any list would include death and divorce as obvious painful losses. Our list also includes many others; retirement, moving, pet loss, financial and health issues, among them. Grief can affect our actions, emotions, thoughts,…

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3 Keys to Happiness in Daily Life

It doesn’t take a whole new routine to instill a dose of happiness into your day—but it does take a little self awareness. 1. Be grateful for the good & the bad. Research shows, grateful people are happy people. It’s also important to understand that happiness is not the absence of negative feelings. Gratitude is…

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